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Apron Top - Lilacs and Roses

Apron Top - Lilacs and Roses

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Here’s a fun and versatile top for summer. Made from a vintage pillow case, this top is shaped like an apron with ties around the neck and around the torso. Wear it with shorts or jeans. Cross the straps in back or tie them like a halter.

Best part? We can make changes based on your preferences. The top pictured is the sample Magda made for herself (the pillow case had a stain so it’s not sellable). There were actually four in the set so Magda can make an exact replica for you, or we can make some adjustments. For example: add bust darts for more shape, close the back, narrow or widen the neckline, move the lace trim to top, make it a crop top instead. We want you to love what you wear so drop us a note with your specifications. If we can do it, we will!

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