Welcome to Maddowe!

Welcome to Maddowe.com, where color and joy meet style. We are an ethically-driven brand that aims to bring vibrancy and delight to your everyday life. Inspired by our journey as Polish immigrants, and influenced by our travels, Magda and Nika, two sisters and the creative forces behind Maddowe, handcraft each and every item with love and care.

The name "Maddowe" is derived from the word "meadow," a joyful and beautiful space bursting with life and color. Just like a meadow, our creations are meant to breathe life into your wardrobe and surroundings, infusing them with a sense of wonder and cheerfulness. Supporting a woman-owned small business is just the cherry on top!

We are committed to responsible practices and sustainability. By utilizing vintage fabrics, recycled clothing, and repurposed items, we ensure that each piece we create has a unique story to tell. We believe in giving new life to forgotten treasures, adding a touch of history to modern fashion. As artists at heart, we can't help but create some items from scratch, so you'll also find some new products on our site. One thing's for sure - it's all 100% handmade by us. 

At Maddowe, we take pride in the fact that everything we offer is handmade. Each item is a labor of love, crafted with passion. We believe that the personal touch imbues our creations with a sense of authenticity, making them truly one-of-a-kind. 

Whether it's a vibrant accessory, a cozy home decor piece, or a whimsical fashion statement, Maddowe is here to bring color and joy into your life. Step into our world, where craft meets creativity, and join us on a journey that celebrates individuality, sustainability, and the beauty of making things by hand.

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